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Mitch Flynn


TVCC- Associates Degree in Fire Science


Wife- Melody and 3 children

Current Occupation:

Fire Chief- Steese Volunteer Fire Department

How many years were you with the University of Alaska Fire Department?


What is your favorite memory, story, experience, etc. while at the University Fire Department?

 We responded an aerial ladder to a Mutual Aid Structure Fire in the winter of 1978 for an apartment complex in the city of Fairbanks when the temperature was minus 35 degrees below zero.  Fire was through the roof of 2 apartments.  Our aerial was a 100 foot Seagraves Rear Admiral Ladder Truck with open jump seats.  It made for a cold 10 minute ride.  Our assignment was to deploy the ladder pipe and flow water.  The aerial didn’t have a pre-plumbed waterway and so we had to stretched a 3 inch hose line to the tip and clamped the 500 GPM Nozzle to the 2 end rungs.  The hose was locked in place using hose straps to rungs along each ladder section which you had to walk up to hand control the nozzle direction.  I was assigned the nozzle and directed the water stream.  We flowed water for 20 minutes before shutting down.  We were successful in knocking the fire down for hand line crews to finish extinguishing the fire.  It was almost 20 years later that I was talking to a retired city firefighter sharing our experience on that fire when he told me I had flushed him and another FFD firefighter down the main stairwell with our 500 GPM master stream. Glad he didn’t hold it against me.  I valued my experience working alongside many gifted and inspiring individuals that made a positive impact on me as a person and on my career.  I consider myself very fortunate to have had the influence of these men and women to work with that made it possible to serve others during emergencies.  The memories of emergency responses pale in comparison to serving with individuals who put others first ahead of themselves.    

Brief History/Biography:

Started with UFD in January 1977 attending Monday night drills.   Attained EMT I certification in March 1977.  Attained EMT II certification in 1978.  Received Fire Science Degree in December 1979.  Started full time March 2, 1980 as a paid driver with funding from the FSA.  Promoted to Captain 6 months later.  Promoted to Assistant Chief in 1992.  Position was reclassified to Battalion Chief soon after.  I served as acting Fire Chief in 1997 for 4 months.  Retired on July 12, 2002.