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Forrest J Kuiper


Associates of Municipal Fire Control (2000), Associates of Hazardous Materials Control (2001), Bachelors of Emergency Management (2012), Masters of Public Administration (expected 2014) Executive Fire Officers Program (expected completion 2015)


Wife: Buffy & Son: Glacier

Current Occupation:

Captain at UFD

How many years were you with the University of Alaska Fire Department?

 Started in September of 1997 and haven’t been kicked out yet………

What is your favorite memory, story, experience, etc. while at the University Fire Department?

 Just one memory?  I have so many memories that will last a lifetime from the food fights with Glorioso to driver training with E-15 in 2 feet of snow with Shec.  The great friends made and the great times we all had.  The off duty “get together’s”  to thinking it would be a great idea to go to mexico for spring break with Saul Hollers…it wasn’t!  We learned so much as well and am where I am today because of my student experience at UFD!    

Brief History/Biography: