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Name: Dustin Grimes

Education: AAS – Paramedicine (University of Arizona), AAS – Process Technology (University of Alaska)

Family: Happily married to Austin Grimes. Baby boy Sawyer Grimes born September 2012.

Current Occupation: BP Alaska Facility Operator – Flow Station One. Fire Captain, Greater Prudhoe Bay Fire Department.

How many years were you with the University of Alaska Fire Department?

 2 Years , 2002 - 2004

What is your favorite memory, story, experience, etc. while at the University Fire Department?

 It’s a tie between The Staten Show and watching Captain Phillips do 60 wide grip pullups, or maybe just smoking cigars behind Station 2 with all the guys. 

Brief History/Biography:

Born in Anchorage, Alaska. Graduated from Robert Service High School. Attended UAF Fire program from 2002-2004, where I met my wife in English class. Left to Arizona for paramedic program with Mr. Mark Bundy at my side. Came back to Alaska and started working as a remote site paramedic on the north slope. I started attending APICC process technology classes in 2009. Graduated with my Process Tech degree in 2010 and was hired on by BP Alaska. Loving life. I will never forget the University Fire Department and guys I worked with.