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Charles Potter.



A.A.S. Municipal Fire Control, A.A.S. Hazardous Materials



Girlfriend Jules and dog Jake


Current Occupation:

Firefighter/EMT with the Anchorage Fire Department


How many years were you with the University of Alaska Fire Department?

2 years 5 months


What is your favorite memory, story, experience, etc. while at the University Fire Department?

My favorite memory at UFD is going to my first structure fire in Tanker 11. We were on the general alarm crew and had Chief Rounds as our company officer.


Brief History/Biography:

Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska I graduated from West High in 2003. I attended UAF my freshman year and got turned on to the University Fire Department through some friends. I attended UAA my sophomore year and obtained my EMT-1 while taking fire science classes and awaiting UFD's spring test. In the mean time, I worked as an EMT for the Community Service Patrol in Anchorage while I continued school. In May of 2005, I was fortunate to get hired at UFD and was part of Academy 1008. I received an A.A.S. in Municipal Fire Control and an A.A.S. in Hazardous Materials from UAF. I left UFD in October 2007 as an Engineer on B-shift to work for the North Star Fire Department. I worked for North Star until May 2011 when I left to pursue a career opportunity with the Anchorage Fire Department. I currently reside at Fire Station 3 in Mountain View on B shift. I live in Palmer, Alaska with my girlfriend Jules and our dog Jake.