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Name: Dave Olson


I served with the department for only a summer ... 1967 ... the year that Fairbanks flooded.  I set up an Amateur Radio station in the meeting room at the station and we used the ladder truck to assist in getting an antenna secured between trees.  I hooked up the generator from the truck to feed the station, some lights, and of course the refrigerator for the beer.  This radio station was the only link to the outside world for the displaced Fairbanks residents who had fled town to the higher ground at the University.

I did not enter the fire service after graduation but I did become a certified fire and explosion investigator and performed about 150 fire investigations before retiring.  I concentrated on fires of electrical origin mostly as my degree is in that area.


My wife and I are now affiliated with Station 94 of the Lancaster County (PA) Emergency services.  Station 94 is a search and rescue squad, also known as  Middle Creek Search and Rescue.