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Taige Malone


B.A. Psychology, minors in Justice and Sociology; A.A.S. Emergency Services: Municipal Fire Control


Sara (Wife), Kian (10 month old son)

Current Occupation:

Paramedic, Poudre Valley EMS, Ft. Collins, CO

How many years were you with the University of Alaska Fire Department?

 4+; June 2002-Sept 2006

What is your favorite memory, story, experience, etc. while at the University Fire Department?

 I remember trying to find Capt. Phillips in the buildings on campus, and how he used to just stand and watch us doing our work.  He would never say why he would watch us in silence, I suspect it was him being proud of all of us….dont tell him though.  I remember breakfast on Sunday at Sam’s Sourdough.  I heard it burnt down a few years ago….  I remember Chief Rounds, how he taught me to be a professional.  He was always there for all of us and helped so many people through so many things in our college days…Finally, I remember the mustache…yeah Ben, I am talking about you…  

Brief History/Biography:

I was at UFD from June 2002- September 2006.  Former Chief Chuck Kuhn suggested I apply after taking a first responder class in high school.  I was at the time, I think, the youngest recruit ever, as I started when I was still 17.  I was on B-shift for the entire time.  I finished up my time as the engineer of B-shift.  Loved working at UFD.  I loved the staff, the fellow firefighters, the training, loved the education, and hanging out with the guys .  I went paramedic school at Pima Community College in Tucson, AZ, which was a great program.  Moved to Colorado and worked with children in a psychiatric facility in Colorado Springs, where I met my wife, who worked with adults at the same facility.  Moved to Denver and worked as a paramedic in the Denver Metro Area for 5 years.  Just recently moved to Ft. Collins to work for Poudre Valley EMS, which is the hospital-based EMS for northern Larimer County in Colorado.  For anyone looking to move outside of Alaska, Colorado is a great place to live.  The EMS here is top notice, and we are moving a more progressive direction often, which cannot be said for some other parts of the country.  We have great protocols and great systems in Colorado that really show off what dedicated paramedics are capable of.  It’s a great place to live, work and raise a family.