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Doug Schrage


Executive Fire Officer, National Fire Academy, 2010;
Master of Science, Fire and Emergency Management, Oklahoma State University, 2005;
Bachelor of Science, Fire Service Administration, Western Oregon University, 1999;
Associate of Applied Science, Fire Service Administration, University of Alaska, 1992


Wife, Mary, of 23 years (1990); Son, Calvin (1991); Son, Benjamin (1993); Son, Aaron (1995)

Current Occupation:

Fire Chief, University (Alaska) Fire Department

How many years were you with the University of Alaska Fire Department?

 I was a student here for 4-1/4 years, from 11/1981 to 3/1985, and chief of the department since 10/2010

What is your favorite memory, story, experience, etc. while at the University Fire Department?

 I love being the chief of the fire department where my career started. This place is full of so many memories and lessons that I enjoy passing on to the students  and staff. I would not have had the career that I had if it weren’t for the experiences and education I gained while a student here. As an organization, we are far more professional and higher performing than we were back then. The requirements and expectations on tomorrow’s fire fighters are even greater still, and we are getting them off to the right start. This work is very satisfying.

Brief History/Biography:

Doug Schrage is the Chief of the University of Alaska Fire Department in  Fairbanks. Previously, he was the operations chief for the Anchorage Fire  Department where he served for over 25 years, holding every rank through  deputy chief.    Chief Schrage has a Master's Degree in Fire and Emergency Management  Administration from Oklahoma State University, a Baccalaureate degree in Fire  Service Administration from Western Oregon University, and is a National Fire  Academy Executive Fire Officer.    Schrage currently serves as the Western Fire Chiefs Association Alaska VP and  is past president of the Alaska Fire Chiefs Association. He is active in the Alaska  fire service and education communities and holds several professional  memberships.    Chief Schrage and his wife Mary, of 23 years, have raised three sons, Calvin,  Benjamin and Aaron who are attending or have plans to attend the University of  Alaska.